The Conference

SciCAR is a conference that explores the willingness of scientists, science and data journalists to cooperate. SciCAR's annual event at the TU Dortmund examines the question of how journalistically relevant contributions can be created through the use of scientific methods and scientific approaches to reliably analyze big data sets.

Experienced data journalism practitioners from Germany and abroad offer workshops, scientists present interesting data sources and Data-Driven analytical methods journalists could use to investigate. Data-journalistic best-practice examples researched worldwide will be presented in Dortmund so that participants can share lessons from the best stories and their authors. SciCAR wants to promote data journalism that does not exhaust itself in the visualization of data, but explores the potentials that enable a methodically clear, resilient and transparent journalistic truth telling in handling data. With this SciCAR wants to make contributions to the further development of evidence-based data journalism.

The core of SciCAR is the appropriation and development of "Data Literacy" - the methodologically correct handling of data with the objective to strengthen robust democratic decision-making with the means of journalism.

The first SciCAR conference at the TU Dortmund in September 2017 confirmed our conviction that there is much (more) potential when scientists and journalists talk to each other and cooperate. We are certain that it is worthwhile to invest time and energy to lay the foundation for future cooperation projects. In September 2018 SciCAR focused on the topic "Data in Democracy". 2019 the conference discussed "Treasury Data vs. Data Protection". In 2020 SciCAR took place virtually. One focus was Data Journalism in te Corona Pandemic.