6. - 8. September 2017

SciCAR is a new conference format that aims to explore and foster the cooperation between scientists and data journalists. With an annual event at the TU Dortmund between 2017-2019, SciCAR explores questions like how journalists can tell more illuminating stories with reliable scientific data and methods.

SciCAR is intended as a discussion platform, where people across different domains of expertise contribute to the development of evidence-based data journalism. Experienced data journalist practitioners from Germany and abroad offer workshops, while scientists present interesting data sources and the latest Data-Driven Methods for analysis of Big Data sets that inform journalism. Data journalisms best practice examples are presented and discussed to learn from innovative stories and their creators. SciCAR wants to encourage data journalism, which doesn’t mean just visualization of data, but has the potential to advance methodically clean, robust and transparent journalistic truth-finding in datasets.

The core of the SciCAR idea aims at high-quality journalism dealing with data: the appropriation and expansion of "data literacy" - the methodically correct handling of data with the objective of strengthening the informed and democratic will with the means of journalism.

The first edition of SciCAR in September 2017 at the TU Dortmund has strengthened our conviction that there is much (more) potential for the cooperation between science and journalism. And we are sure that it is worth investing more time and energy to optimize future cooperation projects. We are currently collecting feedback from the participants to make the program of SciCAR 2018 even more stimulating. More information can be found here soon.